Home Security Tips – Going On Vacations


There are plenty of ways that you can protect your home from being targeted for crime. Read some of our tips for a few ideas.

1.    Have a Super Guard CCTV systems installed by EE Automation. Make sure you install the CCTV cameras at garage, maingate, back door, walkway and living hall.  EE Automation is a well established security company.

2.    Make sure the CCTV DVR has at least 1TB HDD installed.

3.    Visible burglar alarm systems, good lighting and security lighting can be deterrents. Particularly ensure that recessed areas and doorways have good security lighting. Make sure that lights don’t disturb your neighbours and that alarms turn off after 20 minutes.

4.    Use timers for lights and radios if you will be out of the house overnight. They create the impression that someone is at home. It is not recommended to use TVs for this purpose.

5.    Put some shoes at your door.

6.    Make sure that you lock all outside doors and windows.

7.    Cancel any newspaper or milk deliveries

8.    If you’re planning to go away, either have your mail picked up by a trusted neighbour or have your local post office stop delivery until you get back. You’ll also want to cancel any other regular deliveries such as newspapers.

9.    Tell relatives or neighbours when you’ll be back and let them know where you can be reached in an emergency.

10.    When you buy a new appliance such as a TV or computer, destroy the box or hide it in your trash so others won’t know you have something new and valuable inside.

11.    Videotape, photograph and keep a written register of all your valuables and their serial numbers.

12.    Store valuable documents such as insurance policies and wills in a safety deposit box.

13.    Every six months or so, inspect your home as if you’ve been locked out without your keys. How would you get in? Examine any weak spots and realize that if you can get inside, so could someone else.

14.    Check out our site www.ipcamera.my


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